Randy Bohanan           Senior Designer, Electrical
Stephen Hicks              Senior Designer, Electronic Systems

Bill Smith                       Senior Designer, Plumbing/Fire Protection

Adam Asburry              Draftsman/Designer, Mechanical

Michael Wellman         Draftsman/Designer, Mechanical

Chris Mayes                   Draftsman/Designer, Electrical

Shirley Jenkins            Office Manager/Accounting

Our History

Our Team

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Ronald A. Carter, P.E.
Principal/Electrical Engineer
B.S., Electrical Engineering


Ken L. Stuckwish Jr., P.E.
Principal/Mechanical Engineer
B.S., Mechanical Engineering


West, Welch, Reed Engineers, Inc. (WWR) is a Tennessee corporation owned and operated by Ken L. Stuckwish, P.E. and Ronald A. Carter, P.E.  Since 1975, WWR has been providing quality electrical and mechanical engineering services to East Tennessee and the surrounding areas, currently holding professional engineering licenses in nine states.  With over 40 years of experience and steady growth, WWR has developed a proven process that results in exceptional designs.


Surpassing our client’s expectations is our goal and a focus for everyone on staff.   Within WWR’s wealth of experience, we have designed countless construction projects that vary greatly.  Many of the projects are architectural in nature, such as office buildings, municipal facilities, hospitals, schools, hotels, apartment buildings, restaurants, retail facilities, and even designs for upper bracket residences.  Non-architectural designs include industrial facilities, electrical utility distribution systems, energy plant designs, and electrical designs for water utilities.

​WWR has an established history of success because we expect the highest standard of quality from our skilled design team, maintain a positive attitude toward customer service, and have a broad spectrum of experience. This leads to quality for our clients which results in long-term trusting relationships.