Crossville City Hall Renovation

Complete renovation of an existing 31,000 sq.ft., 4-story office building for the new Crossville City Hall.  The mechanical systems were replaced or restored and new variable air volume boxes were installed to provide zone comfort to the various spaces.  The bottom floor of the building is served by a variable air volume split-system unit.  The upper three floors of the building are served by two large variable air volume packaged rooftop units.  A central direct digital control system was installed for the control and monitoring of the mechanical and electrical systems.  New sprinkler and standpipe systems were installed to bring the building up to current code compliance.

Clinton Utilities Board New Operations Facility

A new 25,000 square foot operations facility for Clinton Utilities Board. The new facility included control room for system wide operations of the electrical utility, office space for operations personnel and engineering staff, and metering shop and work areas for line workers.  The new operations facility was equipped with UPS and emergency generator back-up sources to maintain system operations during major power outages. A new access control system was also included as part of the project.  The mechanical system is a water source heat pump loop which utilizes a boiler and cooling tower to maintain loop temperature.  Horizontal water source heat pump units a located above the ceiling to provide individual comfort control to the various areas.  Low flow plumbing fixtures were used throughout the facility.  Project was certified LEED silver compliant.

Large Commercial Projects

Eastman Worldwide Customer Service Center

This 300,000 square feet facility is the Worldwide Customer Service center for the Eastman Corporation. To meet the owner’s needs, the facility was designed to provide a visually stimulating atmosphere, efficient office spaces, and a reliable infrastructure.  A key engineering feature was a 700 ton natural gas, engine driven chiller with an integral 350-kVA standby generator.  A dual-feed electrical primary and a double-ended substation allows the facility to operate and have a partial climate control in the event of a normal power failure.  The open area offices use efficient indirect lighting to provide a comfortable, glare-free environment.  The design also included a teleconferencing center; telephone and computer network infrastructure for approximately 1,400 workstations; card access system, and a closed circuit television system. 

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Millenium Park Complex

Although these two projects in Johnson City, Tennessee were designed by two different architects and constructed by two different contractors, they were built to complement each other.  WWR provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for both.  The Continuing Education Center provides educational facilities, a convention center, a ballroom, audio/visual auditoriums/lecture rooms, a full commercial kitchen, and banquet rooms.  At the time of construction, the Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) was one of only two facilities in the United States to teach advanced CGI modeling for the motion picture industry.  
Carnegie Hotel is a five-star facility integrated into the complex to serve visitors of the Continuing Education Center.  Guests are provided access to public and private dining facilities, a full spa, a bakery, meeting rooms, an exercise area, and an outdoor pool.  The hotel is connected to the CEC by an overhead bridge. Construction was completed in April 2000.